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An incident can happen to anyone, any time. Road rage, domestic violence, stalking, bullying and other antisocial behavior are as difficult to deal with as they are unavoidable so make sure you, your family & friends are prepared by downloading the Angel-Cam app.

Domestic Abuse

Street Fight


Just touch the app once.


Everything happens automatically. A video is streamed live from the scene and alerts are sent to family & friends who can click to an Incident Page to see the video and a map of the location.

Alert Page

The video is stored on a remote server so a perpetrator cannot destroy the evidence even if they grab the phone.

Network Graphic



Most perpetrators of antisocial behavior will back down when they know they are being recorded, especially if they know alerts have already been sent and the video uploaded … so there’s no point in them trying to grab the phone.



Your family & friends will receive alerts by e-mail, in-app and by SMS text* within seconds. Clicking through to an Incident Page, they can see the video* – live or recorded, a location map, sender details and the incident status. There is even an in-app texting tool to message the sender.


Use the video at a later date as evidence, either informally to warn the perpetrator or formally through the police and court proceedings. Every video has time, user and location information is associated with it. The status of video evidence is subject to local legislation and is probably admissible in court, as we can authenticate the recording, time and location.


download from the app store get it at google play


Monitoring Screens

  • Free to download and use
  • Easy registration & connection to family & friends
  • One-touch operation
  • Live video streaming
  • Alerts sent by e-mail, in-app and SMS text*
  • Incident Page with full details
  • Override emergency call button
  • All-clear button for incident status update
  • In-app texting tool
  • Secure video hosting
  • Easy access to archive vide.


  • Angel-Cam functions and sends alerts globally, subject to the availability of a compatible network.
  • *Video access and SMS text alerts are in-app purchases, SMS text alerts are delivered through an international gateway and not charged to you mobile phone account.
  • Every video is recorded on our server, even for non-subscribers, so a subscription provides access to all incidents recorded within the previous twelve months.
  • Uses wifi and/or cellular networks may incur network charges.
  • For safety and best performance, make sure all your family & friends have downloaded Angel-Cam
  • To connect inter-app messaging, the user’s registered email address must be the same as the one entered in Family & Friends.

Angel-Cam: To Protect and Connect.



download from the app store get it at google play


Touch the Angel-Cam app icon and everything happens automatically

Don't Send

  • Recording indicator
  • Go to Settings
  •  Alerts are automatically sent after a 7-second countdown unless the “Don’t send” button is pressed
  •  Override Call button closes the app and connects the call
  • Stop recording



All Clear

  • Go to Settings
  • All clear message option
  •  Start the next recording


This is where you configure your Angel-Cam options



  • Update your personal details
  • See and manage your video recordings
  • Enter contact details for family and friends
  • Edit the text in Alert and All Clear messages
  • Incoming Alerts and Messages
  • Edit the name & number of the Override call button
  • We are here to help

Swipe to see the full range of settings


Angel-Cam is available on special terms for corporate, charitable and business use.

CONTACT US for details.


Pricing image

Angel-Cam is free to download & use. In-app subscription of £1:49 per month is needed to access all videos. Min one month subscription. SMS text alerts are activated through the purchase of in-app credits from £4:99, no expiry date applies.

All other functionality and alerts are free.


download from the app store get it at google play


Angel-Cam is a creation of Txtrax Ltd, a fifteen-year-old private company based in Northumberland, England.

It started with the obvious: use your mobile device to video incidents of anti-social behaviour. Happily, these events are quite rare (and usually without warning) but on one occasion Tod Yeadon, Angel-Cam’s founder, was confronted by five youths trespassing on his property. Putting his mobile phone into video record mode, he was surprised at how effective it was as a deterrent, the threat of violence immediately subsiding (but not the language!) and the youths moved on.

But it was not perfect. It was fiddly to get into video record mode – not something you need at a stressful moment – and what if they had taken the device by force? The evidence would go with them. And so Angel-Cam was born: Instant video streaming, alerts sent automatically and the video uploaded to a secure remote server all by just switching on the app… and there’s an emergency call button if the incident escalates into a crisis.

Angel-Cam is to instantly connect family and friends when needed most, to protect victims and to bring bullies to justice.

Stay connected, stay safe.


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